It has always been on my mind to comment about the status of the content on cartoon network now & before.

But I’ll first talk about my favourite cartoons and they are in no particular order..

  1. SWAT KATS: one of the best cartoons which features 2 cats who save the city & fight against evils. It’s theme music is so awesome that whenever i’ve to do some work in a hurry, i hum that tune & get the motivation to perform the task. Infact my friend & I used to enact these characters and imagine situations.
  2. Dexter’s Laboratory: A story about a small kid who love science and has a lab of his own.
  3. Courage the cowardly Dog: again another favourite because of its sole storyline & the braveness shown by the dog.
  4. Johnny Bravo: The story of a man who feels that girls like guys having muscles but fails miserably everytime.
  5. Powerpuff girls: The story of 3 girls who have superpowers.
  6. The roadrunner show: This was a cartoon which used to come in the afternoon & I used to watch it as a child in those days when the school timing used to be 2–5 pm.
  7. Tom and Jerry: An evergreen show which you can watch irrespective of your age.
  8. Samurai Jack: The story of a warrior who gets thrown by his enemy into another era & struggles to come back.
  9. Tenali Raman: The story of a scholar from South India who was very intelligent.
  10. Archie’s comics: The TV version of the popular comics by the same name.
  11. Tintin: The story of a detective who has a very cute dog called snoopy. Another series about which I was mad about.
  12. Thomas the tank engine: A series showing the lives of railway engines with faces on them.
  13. Pingu: A short series about the day to day life of penguins. Infact I kept my parrot’s name as pingu based on this series
  14. Bob the builder: A story about a constructive worker and his various vehicles.
  15. Oswald: A story about a very cute octopus who lives in a city.

There might be even more but these are what I can recollect as my favourites.

Infact I even catch up with some of them on the Voot app.

Now coming to the point. I’ve seen some of the posters of the cartoons which come nowadays on cartoon network and I feel that not even a single one can match the aura of the cartoons mentioned above. They were in a different league altogether and that’s why we should all consider ourselves quite lucky to have seen such wonderful cartoons in our childhood this making it a very enriching one.



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