Hidden Tricks of Chrome For Android You Might be Missing 2019

Top secret tricks most people miss out. Play dinosaur game in chrome, get latest news in your chrome, phrase search with google and much more. Find the tricks here now.

Chrome for personal computers is just super hit. For many people it is their favorite browser. The Chrome OS based on it is also awesome. It has many cool features, it is simple and fast. It has many features for mobile devices like android and i OS too. For many people chrome is their favorite for desktop use but when it comes to android few people do not use it. Well, for some they use it in android too. Reason behind this is chrome comes pre-installed with android, it is by google, they already use the desktop version so find it easy to history and bookmarks synced when they use mobile too. Reason behind not using chrome might be that there are already strong alternatives too, but recently it rolled out nice features for iphone and android. So many people miss some of the cool features of chrome which is not available with other browser.

Play Dinosaur Game without internet for free

There is a hidden dinosaur game in chrome. No, you do not need to download additional software it is already with chrome, no extra settings.

Hidden T-Rex Game

We all like to surf on the web, but it turns into a sad feeling when internet connection goes out. While navigating to new page a funny t-Rex comes with the news, there is no internet connection. But, guess what? the t-Rex has a hidden feature. When you tap the t-Rex it will jump and start running after that, the game starts where, you have jump over the cactus. bonus trick- you can also swipe down to land the t-Rex midway. Also in its new update crossing a score of 450 points, brings pterodactyls, they fly and try to attack the dinosaur.

The game is really nice, it is simple. The game is so addictive you will start it again and again until you beat the high score. Maybe you will cut internet connection knowingly to play the game and set new high score won’t you? But there is one more bonus trick you can play it with internet too just copy paste chrome://dino into the address bar of the chrome and the t-Rex game will start. Don’t forget to submit your high score in the comments below.

Get Latest News in your chrome

Well, news feeds are in homepage of other browsers too. But in new versions of chrome, chrome now integrated google now with chrome, so you can get latest news of your interest right in the new tab page.

Get Latest News in Your Chrome

Chrome provides latest news in the new tab page. Just swipe down and you will notice that there are cards with latest news, tap to open and read the news articles or swipe left – right to remove when you are done. This way you can get news of all the latest stories without opening any website of own. The news it suggests are based on what you usually do with chrome. For example if you search open or bookmark football news website google will automatically get that and show football news recommended for you. To get more news touch the more button . You can also remove the news feed section. To do this swipe away the last tile which has the more button and you will not get news in your new tab page.

Tap and Search Without leaving the page

Sometimes while reading an article, we want to google about some word or phrase for its meaning. To do this we usually open a new tab and type in the word to get its meaning. But We can do a quick search by just tapping the phrase. Whenever you tap a word in chrome for android it selects the word and opens a accordion with google icon. Just tap the accordion to open and it will show the meaning, synonym and description of the word. It will open a second window right there looking like multi-window. By this trick you can search words the smarter way while reading articles.

Search Right on the same screen

Explore your surrounding with Physical Web

This is unbelievable but true. This is experimental feature currently and efforts are going on to develop it. Chrome for mobile devices is capable of this feature.

In the physical web, chrome will show webpage associated with the objects it detects around the mobile device. Chrome can be used to know information about the object, get requited data related to it or interact with it too.

In this technology all objects be it a parking meter, dog’s tie, movie poster, banner of restaurant or a voting screen will have a low energy bluetooth beacon which broadcasts content for chrome to recieve. Whenever a bluetooth enabled mobile device comes closer with this beacon, chrome will detect it and display a pop-up notification when you touch the pop-up notification it will show you lists of webpages and then you can open the related website of the object.

For example you come across a movie poster in your walk on the roadside. It will give you a notification that it got something in your surrounding. Actually the beacon was broadcasting its bluetooth signal everywhere, as your android device got the signal it recieved some data which were the url sent via eddystone protocol and pop-up notification in your device. Now you will see the notification and then you will see the urls associated with the film, you can tap the corresponding webpage as sent in the url and then book ticket right away.

To enable physical web, go to Setting(chrome)> Accessibilty> Physical Web

But unfortunately it may be a working feature of the future. Right now there are only few objects which does this. But your chrome app still has the hidden feature.

Use Data Saver

Chrome now comes with a data saver, which can save and reduce data upto 60%. Using it saves data, takes less time to load pages and save battery.how-to-save-data-android

In DataSaver the pages you visit are served via a proxy, means they are downloaded by servers of google and then processed and then sent to you after compression. To Enable Data-Saver Go to Settings> Advanced> Data Saver.

Enable the hidden theme for history page

Chrome already has a nice UI, it is now available with material design in the desktop version too. But what if you can replace the history page theme form the chrome native page theme to the android UI.

Enable Hidden Theme for History Page

To do this simply copy paste the following code “chrome://#native-android-history-manager” into the address bar and choose enable in the page that appears, then click the relaunch now button. You will see the history page modified. Warning: Do not scroll up and down and enable other settings or experiment with other settings or flags some are really dangerous.

If you are using Android 5+ then the new design will look very stylish. It will have animations, and nice design.

Use Chrome As File Explorer

We already have a file manager app that comes with the phone, and their are some good file manager apps in play store too. But, did you know that you can use your chrome as an file explorer.

Using chrome to explore files

You can use chrome to view files and folders without switching apps. To do this simply write “file:///sdcard” and the page that opens will show the folders and files. You can open folders, open images and media files directly. You can also open folders directly if you enter its path there. If you can’t see the page then probably path is different in your device. Go to the file using file manager and find its path.

Swipe to Switch Tabs in 3-d style

From few previous versions, chrome now allows you to switch tabs in a stylish way. You can turn tabs by swiping up and down once you get the tabs floating in 3d style. Bonus Tip: you can even rotate the tab in 360 degrees. To have this you must have at least 2 tabs. You can add tabs by tapping the ‘+’ button that appears. Well the next trick will make the new tab page even better.

You can swipe to view the tabs

Unlock the hidden Theme of your Chrome

We already found the hidden theme for history page. But, what about new tab page?

Yes there is a hidden theme where the address bar will be at the bottom, and you can swipe up to type new address, swiping up brings the new tab page with google logo and news articles like multi-window as seen in the tap to search trick above.

This feature is known as chrome-home, to enable copy paste this address chrome://flags/#enable-chrome-home in the address bar of the chrome and then enable and then relaunch.

The hidden theme of chrome

View Desktop Version of Websites

Most of the browser offers this feature, this is simple but useful feature. Sometimes, we need to view the original desktop version of the website rather than limited mobile version. For example, when the mobile version of the website forces us to use its app, or it has some options less accessible.

So in these  cases, we need to use the desktop version. Chrome has request desktop site feature in which it changes the navigator string and other information like the media resolution for query temporarily.

whatsapp web chrome.jpg
Viewing desktop version of the website at chrome

All you have to do to enable this is, open the website, here it is show the mobile version. Now open chrome menu and you will find request desktop site checkbox, click the checkbox. Now the page will refresh and you will see the desktop version of the website in your chrome.

 Schedule to Download Articles, Videos or Other files automatically

Chrome already has the dinosaur game to pass time while internet connection is back, but there is an even better trick. While you were reading an article and when you were navigating to the next article you lost internet connection, or you were to download a video or other file. You can schedule all of the files to download automatically when the internet connection returns.

download page later
Schedule webpages to download later when the internet returns

Chrome shows a download later page, when there is no internet connection. Click that button, and when the internet connection returns it will automatically download file for you in the background. And next time when you open chrome you will see it in the downloads section.

So this way you can mark pages to download and read them later rather than forgetting them.

Log out of websites the faster way

Sometimes we need to log in at a website for a while, but after that we keep searching for the log out button. But there is a smarter trick

facebook log out
Easily log out of websites using this trick

Just open the chrome menu, tap the i icon. It opens details of the page. Now, click site settings. Then click clear and reset button. Now it will prompt you whether you want to clear the data, click yes. Now refresh the page and you will be logged out. It works because it clears the cookie stored for that website with the login information, so it will log you out.

Sync Chrome to Continue where you left off at desktop

It is one of the reasons of us of using chrome in android, as we already use chrome for desktop, we can continue where we left at the smartphone.

sync data chrome
Sync data across various devices while using chrome

To do this simple sign in to chrome, if you didn’t already then go to new tab page and scroll down to the bottom to find the sign in button click that button, choose google account and then you will be signed in. Now open chrome menu and go to recent tabs, here you can see the section other devices, and now you can see the tabs which you had opened in your desktop or other phones. You also open history and you will see the pages you visited in your desktop and get pages you are visiting on your mobile added. You can also bookmark or get the bookmarks you added in desktop.

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