Man shares shocking video of himself suffering a severe and panic attack online !

A man who has suffered from severe anxiety for the past 12 years has shared a video of himself during a particularly brutal panic attack online, in order to raise awareness about anxiety disorders – and prove to the world that they are just as serious and debilitating as many other illnesses.

Casey Cahill, 27, from Kentucky, posted the heartwrenching clip, in which he can be seen sobbing and shaking as he endures the attack, on Reddit, explaining that people often misunderstand him and the severity of his illness.

‘I just wanted to make this video to show people that it’s real, OK? This is real,’ Caseyl says in the video that he posted on YouTube.

n order to combat society’s lack of understanding and awareness when it comes to anxiety, Casey decided to film himself in the middle of a panic attack so that people would be able to understand some of the problems that he and so many others are facing day-to-day.

Panic attacks, also known as anxiety attacks, are periods of intense fear or apprehension and can result in a number of symptoms including heart palpitations, dizziness and shortness of breath.

The attacks can begin abruptly and may last for several hours in some cases.

Some sufferers may even call the emergency services fearing they are having a heart attack or a nervous breakdown.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, but the people who live with them still face misunderstanding and stigma.


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