Protect your eyes while using smartphones 2019

Learn how to protect your eyes while using smartphones with these cool tricks.

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Smartphones have changed our life, you use them at any time be it the morning after waking up, until night. We are too addicted to it. But, the fact is not new to you that overuse of smartphone causes eye problems. Different surveys suggest that most of the people surely use smartphones at night before sleeping, and the fact is radiation of screen causes insomnia by drying the eyeball specially the blue light and delays sleeps which even causes trifle mental problems. The screen light also causes nearsightedness. Here are some easy tricks and tweaks, which you can do with your smartphone right now.

Installing Apps That Protect our eyes / Screen Filter Apps

There are many useful apps out there, which helps to protect our eyes while using smartphone, let’s see them

  • Darker: While we can always decrease the brightness of in our smartphone. But the brightness can not be decreased after certain limit, this makes a problem while using smartphone at night which causes eye problems. With darker app you can decrease the brightness even further. It is a screen filter app. Also it has color filter which can help to prevent the blue light which causes lack of sleep. The app is free however you need to upgrade to premium to decrease below 20% and unlock additional features, that too is rs20 only. The app is very light weight. It is only 700kb approximately and it is easy to use. No ads, no much space, no much battery consumption. [There are many apps to indicate the original one, I have put the link, to download click the link, click skip ad, after that it opens playstore
    Apps to protect eyes install
    Darker App
  • Night Screen: It is almost same as Darker, but it has more features like nice interface to control the brightness. It is very light weight. But it is a bit more in size than Darker it is almost 2mb. It is also free. It also has color filter. It also has no ads. and it is very easy to use. It is same as darker.
  • apps to protect eyes install
    Night Screen App
  • Blue Light Filter: It has even more features than the previous two. It contains various modes for different lights, a intensity control for color, a screen dim control, and it also has a timer to start in a schedule, at which it starts night mode where it shows a notification with a flash light switch also. You can also pause it for 60s while installing apps or other causes
    scrren filter app
    Blue Light Filter
  • Twilight: similar to Blue Light Filter it has profile too and 1min pause, it has a free version too, for full features you have purchase the pro version which is also rs 15 only.
  • flux: It has many featues, but it requires rooted phones. It offers different modes, you can set different settings for different times. It also has schedule, It is compatible with most of the devices, almost all phones with Android 5 and 6 work( but samsung galaxy devices are not supported). It smoothly makes the color change to block the blue light. It also decreases the screen. It is free.
  • EyesProtector: It is almost same as darker and very light weight, it decreases the screen light. It also offers a schedule. It is free.

There are many different similar apps these were some examples only just google and you will find a lot of them there.

Protecting Eyes Without any Additional Software

Yes, there are various tricks which you can do and it does not need any additional software

Battery Saver Trick

How to turn on battery saver
Battery Saver Setting in Android

There is an inbuilt battery saver that comes with your phone. It can be found at Settings> Battery > Battery Saver ( at top right corner). Turning it on does many things which saves battery one of them is it reduces the brightness so you can decrease brightness by that without any apps. Just turn it on when needed.


Using Color Invert

Yes android comes with a night mode too. Turning it make color of screen invert means it shows negative. For example while will be seen as black. Red as violet. blue as orange and so on. So the glare of screen will decrease the black texts on white will appear as white texts on black. You do not need any apps.

how to turn on color inversion

To do this navigate to Settings > Accessibily > Color Inversion. Scroll down to bottom and it is under the display section. It may also be found it in notification bar.

Color Inversion Feature

This way you can protect your eyes while using smartphone.

Decrease Brightness Level

latest android phone
Brightness in Android

Perhaps, most of us already know this, but it helps a lot for protection of eyes, keep brightness level of the phone low, and adjust this according to need. Brightness level can be easily found just at the quick settings, it is in Setting> Display> Brightness Level. It is also available in switches of many apps.


Using Adaptive Brightness ( Auto-Brightness) Feature

Many smartphones have this features, in adaptive brightness it detects the amount of ambient light using its sensors and use it to automatically set brightness. If, it finds bright light in the environment such as you are outdoor in daylight. Then it automatically decreases the brightness. On the other hand if it finds the brightness too dark it decreases the brightness so that screen does not glare much. So  you can turn this setting on and protect your eyes while using smartphone.

Use Brightness settings to reduce more brightness or Use Color Filter

In many of the smartphones, decreasing more brightness or using color filter is in-built. So in this case you do not additional apps to be installed and use the one given in your settings. Check in your settings if you already have this feature.

Tricks To Protect Eyes While Using Smartphone

You can protect eyes without any extra apps too but by using apps features. Using settings of the apps.

  1. To Protect Eyes from surfing at night, Use browsers with night mode. Most of the browsers have it like UC Browser, Opera Mini, Mozilla Firefox(it has a reader mode feature which has night mode to protect eyes).
  2. To Protect Eyes from Whatsapp: Change the background of whatsapp to black color, to do this go to Settings> Chat > Wallpaper choose solid color and choose the dark color, you can also choose a image with dark color. Or for GB Whatsapp choose the Dark Pokemon theme or any other alternative whatsapp choose dark themes.
  3. Choose a Dark Background for wallpaper: Set a wallpaper which has dark color.
    adaptive brightness.png
    Night mode in browser, adaptive brightness and color filter
  4. Choose Dark Color in App Drawer: Install launchers like Nova Launcher, Noughat Luancher or hola launcher which lets you change the color of app drawer and then set dark color to it
    telegram now provides custom themes


  5. Install and use apps with night modes: Search for alternative apps that comes with night mode. Telegram now offers custom themes so you can make your telegram with black theme easily. Other Messaging services also have this, Discord already comes with a dark theme by default.
    Using WhatsApp with Dark theme
  6. Install Battery Saving apps: Battery Saving apps often comes with brightness control, install other apps which has brightness control as its feature. There are many LED apps which lets you control brightness too.
  7. Get Yourself UV sheild and glasses: There are plenty of screen guards and eye glasses in the market which helps to reduce the eye strain. This is one of the best way to ensure eye safety.
  8. Use or buy smartphone with Anti-Glare or Anti-Blue protection: There are various smartphones which is meant for protecting eyes.

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