‘PUBG’s War Mode Is Coming to Xbox One Soon …

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ War Mode is less than a week away with the weekend game mode releasing for console players on Sept. 21.

Starting on Friday, the War Mode will be enabled for its debut weekend on the Xbox One as part of the Event Mode selections. It won’t be available every week after it’s first released, but Xbox One owners will be able to try it out for the first time next week.

“We are happy to announce that War Mode will be available on September 21!” PUBG Corp.’s announcement about the upcoming console update said. “As previously stated, War Mode will only be available on select weekends in Event Mode.”


Those who have played PUBG on either the PC version or on mobile devices, both of which got War Mode before the Xbox One, you’ll know that this game mode puts a more traditional shooter spin on the battle royale game. Instead of only having one life and having to start over in a new match once eliminated, War Mode mimics a deathmatch game mode where players respawn periodically and fight for the most points to be victorious when the game mode ends.

“War Mode will entail a new event with different settings,” the announcement continued. “It is essentially a deathmatch-style game mode where players hunt each other in a static zone. If you are killed, you will respawn in planes that intermittently fly by. Teams get points for knockdowns, kills, and for reviving teammates, and the team that reaches the points goal, or has the highest points when the match timer ends, wins the battle.”



Once the Custom Match feature is implemented for console players in October, War Mode will become available for everyone at anytime that they want to play the mode, the announcement continued. More details on the event are to be shared soon before it’s enabled on Sept. 21.

In preparation for War Mode, PUBG Corp. will be releasing a hotfix on Sept. 18 that’ll add necessary changes to implement the game mode. While the update will prep the game for the new mode, it’ll also downgrade the quality of PUBG for some players. PUBG Corp. said that the update that’s coming soon will lower the graphics settings for Xbox One X users as a temporary fix until framerate issues can be resolved.