Top 5 Best Offline Maps For Android 2019

There are many advantages of offline maps because you can’t access the WiFi all the time. For example, if you are lost in a forest or anywhere in the world, where you don’t have access to the WiFi network than you may use offline maps to get the right directions.


Another great advantage of offline maps is that they are fast and very easy to use. There are many offline maps applications for Android devices from which we have chosen these 5 best offline maps applications for Android devices.


Top 5 Best Offline Maps For Android Devices

So, here is the list of the best 5 offline maps applications for Android devices. These apps really worth of downloading and the best thing is that they are free to download. So, let’s get started.

1. MAPS.ME Lite


This is one of the best offline map app on Android. It has a detailed map and it loads and search locations pretty faster without any network connection. The MAPS.ME Lite is a free version app and it also has a paid version. But the functionality of both versions is very much similar. It has an Auto-Follow mode which enables the map to rotate itself in the direction you are moving. The most amazing thing about this offline map is that it does not eat up much of your phone memory and it is very small in size, compared with other offline maps.


2. GPS Navigation & Maps By Sygic


The GPS Navigation & Maps By Sygic is one of the world’s most downloaded offline map application in Android. This app has a paid and free version.  It is directly installed on the SD card of your Android device, so there is no need of internet to run this map. The app has an offline maps for over 100 countries. This app contains high quality offline maps and also features 3d high quality landscapes and buildings, just to make it look much more realistic.


3. OsmAnd Maps & Navigation


OsmAnd (stands for OSM Automated Navigation Directions) is map viewing application for Android devices. It features both online and offline maps. It works offline without any kind of problem and you can also search places by using your voice. You can view high quality world wide offline map by using this app. And you can also display the satellite view by using the Bing Maps online. The user interface of the app is not satisfying but it’s offline map features covers that.


4. Maverick: GPS Navigation


Maverick is a navigation app for Android devices. It is an offline map viewing app, so you can access the map without any internet connection. A built-in radar is also included in this app to show the directions and also helps you to navigate easily. This offline map app is for those, who have fond of boating, hiking and any other outdoor activities.


5. MapFactor: GPS Navigation


Last but not least, MapFactor, which is a free GPS navigation app for Android devices and it is installed in the SD card of your Android phone so there is no need of internet connection to view the maps. You can view 2D or 3D realistic maps by using this app. You can also switch the maps between day and night mode. The app is very simple and easy to use. The app is now one of the most famous navigation app on the PlayStore.



So, these were the top 5 best offline maps applications for Android devices. No matter what, by using these offline map apps, you’ll never be lost. I hope you like this article and if you do then do share this with your friends and circles. If you have any queries regarding this article then do tell us, we’ll try to solve it.


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