Whoa! Google launches TensorFlow 2.0 !



Google LLC  launched a new iteration of its popular artificial intelligence framework named.  TensorFlow 2.0, which fires up AI models much faster than previous versions.

Crazy, you know this!

TensorFlow 2.0  primarily focused on improving usability. The release brings a streamlined application programming interface based on Keras which is a neural network library, an open-source tool designed to make AI development frameworks easier to use. It provides more options to  engineers for customizing the development workflow.


Google engineers Carey Rade Baugh and Ulfar Erlingsson mention an important note in a blog post that those who are using standard TensorFlow mechanisms should not have to change their model architectures, training procedures, or processes.

Google’s other new privacy module is called TensorFlow Federated. This software is aimed at the growing number of mobile services that rely on AI to support core features. for more information check TensorFlow.


Same like TensorFlow, the new modules are license free and available under open sources.






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